Weekly Roundup: Late Edition

by moderndomestic on April 17, 2010

Unadorned Cupcakes 2

No. I didn't photograph the burnt brownies or melted cookies. They were just too sad to photograph. Look at these cupcakes, pre-frosting, instead.

As I mentioned earlier, I spent yesterday madly baking up a storm for the Share Our Strength Food Bloggers Bakesale, and the number of baking mishaps I encountered (burnt brownies, melted cookies) meant that I didn’t have time to do the Friday roundup. So without further ado, here is the weekly roundup – a mere day late. I hope everyone is enjoying this fabulous Saturday weather!

  • The Arugula Files is moving to the ‘burbs. The upside (besides, you know, home ownership)? She’ll be closer to H Mart, the fabulously gigantic Asian market.
  • Young and Hungry highlights one of the better reasons to visit Adams Morgan on Friday nights. No, it’s not for the skeezy bars or people watching (although it’s always fun to watch those girls stumbling around in tank tops and mini skirts in the dead of winter) – it’s The Black Squirrel’s Firkin Fridays. Every Friday the Squirrel taps a firkin of cask ale – and believe me, there’s no better way to start your weekend. I went to the Firkin Friday last week and it was awesome – chill bar, good beer, good company, and all within stumbling distance of my apartment.
  • Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb. It’s everywhere in the blogosphere. DC Striving wonders what’s up with the rhubarb obsession.
  • Capital Spice has a list of 10 things tourists should never do in DC, some of which are food related (don’t eat the crappy hotel brunch) and some of which just annoy the crap out of residents (it’s stand right, walk left on the metro elevators guys).
  • A DCist reader snaps a shot of a potential DC Top Chef contestant. Any idea who it is?
  • Counter Intelligence looks at writing trends on three popular food sites – Salon’s food site, the Atlantic’s food channel, and the new Huffington Post food section.
  • As usual, I’m loving the food photography over at Mango and Tomato. This week’s it’s mac and cheese.
  • The Washington Post reports on the growing trend of serving up oatmeal, at super inflated prices, on restaurant menus. So, like, I eat oatmeal for breakfast because it’s filling, whole grain, and dirt cheap. Like, you can get a huge tub of it from Safeway for about $4 and it will last me for a month. So yes, it’s weird to me that oatmeal is showing up on Starbucks and other menus – for, like, $4 a bowl. I know the toppings – granola, fruit, sugar, etc – are more expensive than just the oatmeal, but to me this defeats one of oatmeal’s chief attractions – the price.
  • Becca at Lancelot Sturgeon wonders – where in DC do you get great service?

Happy Saturday!

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