It’s Up to You! Depose the Bacon Cupcake Contest

by moderndomestic on September 8, 2010

Bacon, Brown Sugar, Maple

Photo by flickr user Joe Marinaro, used under the Creative Commons License.

I knew the bacon cupcake was the “it” flavor of the moment when I saw multiple bacon cupcake entries in the DC State Fair Cupcake Contest. Now, I didn’t taste them, so I can’t attest to the deliciousness of said cupcakes. But seeing them cemented my haunting feeling that the bacon cupcake has passed from a glimmer in a pastry chef’s eye, to an amusing new menu item at trendy bakeries, to a nation-wide sensation that has swept home and professional kitchens alike.

We’re in the moment of the bacon cupcake, people. But mark my words – come January 2011, when food pubs write up their “in and out” lists for the new year, bacon cupcakes are going to be dethroned by some new, even trendier cupcake flavor.

But I can’t wait for 2011. I’m tired of bacon cupcakes now. So it’s time, ModernDomestic readers. Time for you to invent a new cupcake flavor that will blast bacon cupcakes out of the water. It could be a cupcake flavor with durian, vodka, even prosciutto – just put your creative thinking caps on and come up with a fabulous and quirky new flavor that you think will take the cupcake world by storm.

Here’s how it works – submit your entries online here by midnight Wednesday, September, 15. I’ll be choosing my five favorite entries to go on to a final round, where MD readers will vote for their favorite new cupcake flavor. I’ll be looking for entries that are creative, quirky, and still sound like they’d taste good. It’s anyone’s game.

The winner gets a Wilton mini cupcake pan, a set of super-cute mini cupcake liners, and the glory of dethroning the bacon cupcake. I’ll produce your winning cupcake flavor and post the recipe on ModernDomestic. Sadly, I can’t accept entries from my family members, or employers.

May the best cupcake flavor win!

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