We Have The Winner – The Next Big Cupcake Flavor To Depose The Bacon Cucake!

by moderndomestic on September 29, 2010

Unfrosted cupcakes

We have it - the next big thing in cupcakes!

First, thanks to all of you who voted in the Depose The Bacon Cupcake contest. I’m amazed that so many people dislike bacon cupcakes as much as I do – and want to see a new flavor rise to the top of the cupcake crop.

It was close. Very close. The top five finalists were:

  • #5 – The Homesteader’s Surprise – honey sweetened cake, frosted with goat cheese frosting, filled with cherries and rhubarb stewed in kombucha (or a strong beer – bonus if it’s home brew).

This entry came in at number five with 13 votes. I think a lot of you were drawn the the rustic, homemade elements in this cupcake. Or maybe you just all want to brew your own kombucha?

  • #4 – Nutella cupcakes.

Is there anything more to say? Nutella is so delicious – and it would be equally delicious in cupcake form. This was at number four with 17 votes.

  • #3 Eat Pray Love Cupcake – yellow cake flavored with basil, coconut and cumin, frosted with vanilla lemon basil icing and sprinkled with flaked coconut and candied basil.

This was our number three finalist, garnering 25 votes. This new, creative flavor combination appealed to our love of the exotic and new.

  • #2 “Dark and twisted” – chocolate pretzel cupcake.

I have to say, I love this flavor. The salty and sweet thing is just so delicious, so I might just have to make this one too. This flavor came in at number 4, with 29 votes.

  • #1 – THE WINNER: The Bourbon Street Cupcake – vanilla cake flavored with bourbon and nutmeg, topped with a vanilla/bourbon frosting and a candied praline.

What a fantastic flavor combination! Booze infused cake is a huge thing right now, and I think cake flavored with bourbon is potentially next big thing to come to the market.

Check back next week for a recipe for the Bourbon Street Cupcake!

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Tim October 3, 2010 at 7:33 am

Don’t be hatin’ on the bacon cupcake! Though the bourbon idea could catch on. Definitely want to taste that one.


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