Hello Again

by moderndomestic on March 28, 2012

Shaker lemon pie - one of my faves from the pie CSA. Also, pie is my life now. I live a life of pie.

There have been many, many people asking me when I’m going to get back to writing. And not just my parents (although, okay, they are one of the top people). I’m not going to promise that I can post all the time, but I’ve missed this space and I have so much going on, and so much to talk about, that it seemed like it was the time to start writing again. To make things easier, I think I’ll just make MD Whisked!’s official blog, since I was never able to actually update the Whisked! blog when I had one.

So, what’s happened since last August? A lot. I’m a solo business owner now, which has been a big shift. I’ve hired a bookkeeper. I’m in a new kitchen. I’m still learning how to grow my business without killing myself. I obsess about the price of butter. I made dulce de leche for the first time. I was the The Washington Post, and Tasting Table. I started DC’s first Pie CSA. After the holidays, I slept for, like, three months.

Right now I’m gearing up for the market season, which starts in May. Part of me is so happy to get back to the market, part of me is a little scared of how exhausting it is. But ultimately, I think it will be good. Good to be back with my customers, getting my products and Whisked! out there. Good to be seeing all the farmers’ again. Moving onward and upward with my business.

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