Pies and the new Pie CSA Subscription

by moderndomestic on April 11, 2012

The sweet pie this week: Pink Lady Apple Whiskey. Apples are from Kuhns Orchard and they are amazing.

The big thing that happened this week is that I changed the way we sell our pies. I have been agonizing over this decision for months – getting feedback from friends and customers, talking to Soupermom, playing out all the scenarios in my head. A lot of the people I talked to were like “Dude, Jenna, it will be fine.” I mean, when I think about it, most people probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about pies. But because it’s my business “PIES” loom in my head with the urgency most people feel for their children.

Here is the deal. Up until this week we had a giant online pie menu with maybe 12 options, and people could order whatever they liked. But the quantities of things everyone ordered was so small that I couldn’t source my produce locally, and I would run around making all these different fillings for different pies. Time wise, cost wise, and sourcing-wise it wasn’t working.

When we were selling at the market it worked much better. We could talk to the farmers we sold next to, get our produce order in for the week, and then make big batches of pies that we could sell at the market.

So I changed our online model to fit the market model. Now I’m selling two types of pies a week (one sweet, one savory) online. People can order the pie of the week. They can also sign up for a Pie CSA Subscription, where they get a pie a week for a month, or a pie every other week for two months.

I really learned over the holidays that what works in a retail space (having 5 or 6 different types of pies) doesn’t work for an online company. Now I just hope that everyone will adjust to the change.

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