Second Place Feels Like First

by moderndomestic on April 4, 2012

Hey man, this is an award winning pie. I can say that now.

I put this all over Facebook last week, but Whisked! came in second for “Best Pie” in the Washington City Paper’s “Best of DC” Poll. I was seriously thrilled with second place – like, Whisked! is a virtual entity (especially in the winter, when we’re not at the markets), and our reach is smaller than someone with a retail store (like Dangerously Delicious Pies, who won. And I really liked their pie when I went, by the way, so they totally deserve it). So I think this is a testament to how hard we work to make the pies excellent, and how awesome and supportive our customers are.

And really, we (and I’m going to say “we” because Whisked! is more than just me – it’s my kitchen helpers, and our suppliers, and our customers, and our pick up locations – it feels like it’s so much more than just me. Or maybe it’s because “we” sounds a little bit more authoritative. Which is why the royal “we” evolved, I suppose) work really, really hard to make the pies excellent. Like, crouched by the edge of the Hobart mixer examining the dough to make sure the size of our butter cubes is “just right” kind of hard work.” The kind of hard, obsessive work that shows in our product. Which is another reason I’m so proud of coming in second. It feels like first.

PS – Can someone tell me how I get my header back?


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