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Welcome to ModernDomestic – the DC blog that chronicles my obsession with baking, pastry, dessert, and living the sweet life in our nation’s capital. I’m a professional baker and writer, and I’ve written about my love of baking on this site since July 2008. If you live in the DC area and are interested in scoring some of my baked goods, please check out my menu.

I’m currently the Pastry Chef for Spilled Milk Catering, a DC-area catering company that specializes in delicious, unfussy food. Before coming to Spilled Milk, I was the Baking Manager at Treet, an online bakery, where I baked pastries from scratch, oversaw the daily production schedule, and managed other bakers in the kitchen. In my previous pre-baker life, I worked in nonprofit communications, where I hounded reporters, wrote and edited newsletters, and managed web sites at different DC-area organizations.

I think I was fated to write a pastry blog. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of making Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies with my mother. Even at the tender age of five, the magic of baking fascinated me. The same ingredients – flour, sugar, fat, and a leavener – can produce drastically different results, from cookies, to cakes, to scones, to quickbreads. That fascination has always stuck with me. In high school I loved baking elaborate cakes for my friend’s birthday parties. In college, my favorite part about being a campus activist was baking things for our weekly activist meetings. And these days I spend most of my spare time trying to perfect my cupcake recipes, or working on my ever evolving quest for the perfect chocolate frosting.

ModernDomestic was originally intended to be the next web-based Martha Stewart Living for the young, DC-based, domestically-inclined urbanite. Since then, the blog has evolved from covering all things domestic to focusing on baking, pastry, and my obsession with sugar. I guess you really do write about what you love. While you’ll still find the occasional entry on design, decorating, or housekeeping, most of the writing is strictly sugar and flour focused.

I hope you enjoy this labor of love. And I’d love to hear your ideas, feedback, and tips! Please send me an email at moderndomestic@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting!

-Jenna Huntsberger
The ModernDomestic

*Photo by Olga Berman. Check out her awesome food photography on her blog, Mango and Tomato.

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Lindelle April 21, 2010 at 2:37 pm

Love the blog – am going to try to make it to the HH on May 5th :)


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