Our First Market

May 8, 2011

We did it. We had our first Whisked! market. I will never again look at a farmer’s market stand in the same way. Whenever I see a stand I will think “Hmmm, how did they get their stuff there? What kind of van do they have? What kind of tent weights do they use?” The […]

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Whisked! is Open for Business!

May 2, 2011

And we’re up! The Whisked! online store and website went live this morning. The people of DC can now order our treats – either for pick-up at the farmer’s market or for delivery (we have a $50 minimum for delivery, FYI). I’m proud I only had a mild freak-out when I knew the site was […]

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Big News – And A New Addition To the 14th and U Farmers’ Market!

April 27, 2011

For the past six months I’ve been working on a big project that I’ve wanted to share with you, but I couldn’t. And it’s been killing me. But when you’re working on something huge, with so many moving parts and pieces, you don’t really want to talk about it until everything’s fallen into place. So, […]

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Strawberry Kiwi Shortcakes

April 7, 2011

I have strawberry shortcakes on the brain. I’ve been thinking about different things I can do with the dessert, like making strawberry shortcake ice cream, bar cookies, or hand pies. But I didn’t think about making actual strawberry shortcakes until last weekend, when I had a bunch of fruit left over from the fruit tartlets […]

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Fruit Tartlets

April 3, 2011

I don’t post about my desserts for Spilled Milk much these days – mostly because you’d get bored of endless photos of mini cupcakes. But these fruit tartlets I made Friday are new, and I was so pleased with them I thought I’d share them with you. You’ve seen these tarts in a dozen bakeries […]

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A Movable Kitchen

March 21, 2011

Sometimes, I envy cooks. Not because they can do all sorts of things I can’t do – like cook a perfect steak, or braise shortribs until they fall off the bone, or cook a piece of fish correctly. No, it’s because cooking doesn’t require so much . . . stuff. I’m house and pet-sitting for […]

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

March 16, 2011

I’ll be honest, I myself won’t be celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. My plans involve driving a friend to the airport and then transferring a bunch of my baking stuff to the house where I’ll be housesitting (it’s a complicated operation). But for those of you going out, may you stay away from the green beer […]

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Zucchini Rye Bread

March 15, 2011

Most quickbreads are really more like muffins than breads. And, let’s face it, most muffins these days are just cupcakes without the frosting. So the problem that most quickbreads face is that they’re just cake – sweet, fine-crumbed, buttery – and should be left to the dessert table. That’s why I was so intrigued with […]

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Gadget Love – Ateco’s Small Offset Spatula

March 14, 2011

You all know that I’m a gadget hater. Most kitchen gadets exist to do only one thing – like separate eggs – that you can easily do without the gadget (like, say, use your hands or the egg shell to separate eggs). But there are some kitchen tools that I really can’t live without, which […]

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Baking, Baking, Baking

March 10, 2011

Yes, it’s been awhile. Part of me feels bad because it means that I’ve neglected this space that’s brought me so much (and my mother misses my posts!). But it’s all for good reasons – I’ve been so busy baking for friends and family, working my jobs (at Soupergirl and The Big Cheese), making desserts […]

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