No Recipe Required: Hazelnut Brownie Truffles

February 21, 2011

People say that cooking and baking are entirely different – that bakers are all about precision and measurements, and cooking is about taste and improvisation. And, okay, that’s pretty true a lot of the time. But sometimes it’s not. Like these hazelnut brownie truffles, which I made for the bridal show for Spilled Milk a […]

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DC Bakers – Enter the Coconut Cake Challenge

February 17, 2011

Hey DC bakers – do you have an awesome coconut cake recipe in your collection? If you don’t, do you want to create one? Then enter Eatonville and The Church Lady Cake Diaries’ Make Me Wanna Shout! Coconut Cake Challenge. Yes, you heard me – DC bakers will be putting their coconut cake recipes head […]

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What I’ve Been Up To – Dessert for DC Supper Club

February 15, 2011

Why hello there. No, I haven’t forgotten you. And no, it’s not that I haven’t been baking and have nothing to update you on. It’s that I’ve been baking so much that I have no time to write – or when I do get some extra time I spend it comatose in front of my […]

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Whoopie Pie Baking From Baked Explorations – With Mary and Olga

February 2, 2011

I was lamenting in December that what I missed most about working at a bakery was the company of other bakers. But maybe I just need to bake with my foodie friends more often, because I had a rather lovely time baking whoopie pies last weekend with Mary (of The Arugula Files) and Olga (of […]

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February Food Blogger Happy Hour at Indique Heights

February 1, 2011

Never been to a DC food blogger happy hour? Make this one your first. Join us tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 6:00 pm at Indique Heights at 2 Wisconsin Circle (right near the Friendship Heights Metro). I’ve been to Indique in Cleveland Park, but I’ve never been to their sister restaurant, so I’m excited. It’s time […]

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Sweets for Brides To Be

January 31, 2011

What was I doing this weekend? Baking. And baking. Collapsing into a puddle of exhaustion. And then more baking. Spilled Milk was catering a bridal show at the Maison Biltmore in Adams Morgan – we did an all-dessert spread for the brides to be, which meant that I was up to my ears in mini […]

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Baking Math: The Recipe Conversion Factor (RCF)

January 25, 2011

I know I’ve been torturing you with these baking math posts. I know that it’s far less compelling than recipes, or lovely photos, or new insights about pastry. But, for those of you who really want to up your baking game, you’ll be amazed by how learning a little math makes baking so much easier. […]

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Birthday Cakes At the Philips (And Thoughts on Cake)

January 24, 2011

Last weekend I visited the Phillips Collection’s 90th anniversary celebration with Mango Tomato*– to see the art, sure, but mostly to see the cakes. The Phillips had a special exhibition of “birthday cakes” celebrating their anniversary, designed by DC’s top pastry chefs (find out more about the cakes and their inspiration here). Olga and I […]

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And the winner is . . .

January 24, 2011

My yeast starter will be named . . . Starchibald! Starchibald was the outright winner, with 50% of the vote. Runners up were The Rising, Balthazar, and Hugo. Congrast to my friend Deb, who suggested the name. And thanks to everyone for voting in my rather silly survey. This is a way better name than […]

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Poll: What Should I Name My Wild Yeast Starter? Vote!

January 19, 2011

Okay, so I had waaay too much fun with everyone’s suggestions for what I should name my wild yeast starter. Your ideas are so good that I can’t choose one! So I’ve created a poll so you can help me choose. I’ll announce the winner next Monday! And thanks so much for your awesome suggestions! […]

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